For most of us, the holidays are over and we are fired up to dig into the new year and fill our schedules productively. For this reason, I thought it important to remind you to also remember to SCHEDULE NOTHING.


Yes, NOTHING. Put it on your calendar, or your diary, or set a reminder on your phone.

By scheduling nothing I mean you have a block of time that you have no plans for. Use your resources – involve family and friends to take the kids off your hands for a while or delegate work tasks to create space in your day. Take a moment to just enjoy the quiet and then decide what you want to do – go for a walk, read a book, play outside with the dog, be silly with the kids. Anything that you feel will uplift your day. Slowing down and doing nothing is a chance to find rest, renewal and delight so you are more focused and productive when you need to be.

Here are just 4 of the benefits to scheduling nothing:


It leaves room for error

When you run on a tight schedule the slightest delay or mishap can cause a huge upset, not to mention anxiety. More room in your day enables you to handle surprises and emergencies better. If nothing becomes something, you are prepared. If nothing stays nothing, consider it some bonus time to take a break. Simply put: When you plan less, you can enjoy more. You are peaceful and open to experiencing all the wonderful things each day offers.


It creates time to celebrate your achievements

Taking some time out to put pen to paper to see what you have achieved and then looking at your next steps, setting your intentions for the future, all help you to become a deliberate creator instead of life just happening to you.


It makes you a kinder person

An anxious and rushed person is not tolerant or great to be around. Think of how you react to something after a long day at the office versus your response when you are relaxed. When you are relaxed you are kinder and softer. Your kindness will be received with love and in turn, will open you up to receive the same.


It helps you to remember who you are

A moment of nothing allows you to listen to your soul and remember who you are. After a hectic day at work, you need some time to disconnect from the non-stop input and recover. When you have space in your day, you can start moving into alignment with the person you truly are.


I wish you all a 2022 fully loaded with new inspiration and joy each and every day.


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