You may have heard the phrase ‘Speaking your truth’ before. With more people gravitating towards living a more conscious life and alternative healing methods, it is something that is referred to quite often. The problem lies in the misunderstanding of the concept and creating a sense of permission to be hurtful to those that are looking for a reason. Essentially it means being able to communicate your needs, ideas, boundaries and even your convictions to others without wavering and in a way that other people can hear you.


When you ‘speak your truth’ you:

  • Stand up for what you believe in
  • Respect and love yourself by saying no to something that won’t serve you
  • Set boundaries to nurture your wellbeing
  • Stand in your vulnerability by admitting when you need help & support
  • Voice your opinion when you don’t agree with something without fear


In ‘speaking your truth’ you create a boundless life where you are free to be exactly who you are, accepting and giving love and support in everything you do.

‘Speaking your truth’ is always done respectfully and with kindness and love toward the person you are interacting with.  In ‘speaking your truth’ you understand that it is the way that YOU feel and that you can’t force anything on anybody else, nor can you take responsibility for their reaction to what you are saying. Not everyone is always going to agree to the boundaries you set or the opinions you share – and that is OK.

Stay true to the essence of who you are every moment of every day by speaking your truth with love, respect, and kindness.

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