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Frequently asked Life Coaching Questions
1. How does Personal Life Coaching work?

I focus on the outcome you desire and thus ensure that each session is tailor-made to achieve that. I will not only give you the encouragement, motivation and support you need to make changes in your life but will also give you the tools to achieve your goals long-term. I specialize in Solution-Focused Brief Therapy as well as the Time to Think approach created by Nancy Kline.

2. Can you guarantee results from your Life Coaching program?

The guarantee is a two-way stream. As your Life Coach, I will do everything in my power to assist, encourage and motivate you in your efforts to make changes in your life. The outcome of the coaching process also depends on the honesty, commitment, effort, and attitude you have toward the process. During our sessions, I make use of various modalities to make sure that you get the best possible experience. You will learn something new during each session and you will get extra work to learn to incorporate these new skills into your day-to-day life.

3. How often will I meet my Life Coach, Bärbel?

Not everyone is the same and not everyone is 100% comfortable with increasing the gaps in-between sessions which is why I will be in email or phone contact with you to assess if the gap is healthy or too long. If things happen in between and you need to see me earlier, you will be able to contact me and re-schedule your next life coaching session to suit your needs.

4. What is the difference between Life Coaching and Counselling?

Counselling is a past-focused discipline where only the reasons why a person is feeling and behaving a certain way are identified. The counsellor will offer alternative ways to handle a particular situation. Unfortunately, this does not turn the persons’ perspective into a forward-thinking and solution-based angle. Often these reasons become the justification for continuing on the same path with the cycle repeating itself with the person unable to move on.

In life coaching, we do not dwell on the reasons, because we want to avoid this negative outcome. Instead, we
focus on the future, because no matter what has happened in the past, any person can make it better and learn
to achieve, grow and be happy. A challenge will become an opportunity, failure will no longer be seen as failure, but an opportunity for growth.

5. Are my sessions confidential?

Absolutely! What happens in our sessions stays in our sessions.


6. How quickly will I start seeing results?

If you are ready to start the process and take action you will see immediate results. Obviously bigger and long-term goals will take longer to put in motion. If you are consistent in your actions and make use of the new skills you receive during our sessions you will see long-term, sustainable results and positive transformation in your life.

Frequently Asked Hypnotherapy Questions
1. How does hypnotherapy work?

I use a method where I gently guide you towards accessing your underlying belief systems that are currently sabotaging you from living your best life possible.

2. What conditions can hypnosis treat?

• Anxiety and stress
• Changing your belief systems
• Fears and phobias
• Low confidence and self-esteem
• Negative body image
• Processing and integrating complex life experiences/trauma
• Relationship challenges
• Self-destructive behaviours and lack of self-love/self-care
• Sexual dysfunction and intimacy issues
• Sleeplessness
• Smoking and substance abuse
• Trouble attaining professional and personal goals
• Control pain, both acute and chronic

3. Is hypnosis safe?

Yes. My hypnotherapy method is gentle and safe creating a period of focused attention and relaxation naturally. You will always be in control, what I do is not the same as ‘stage hypnosis’.

4. What makes hypnotherapy different from traditional therapy?

Traditional therapy is very much a cognitive process whereas Hypnotherapy accesses your subconscious mind and its deeply held beliefs. When you regularly find yourself in situations where your subconscious is refusing to allow you to accomplish what you consciously wish, hypnotherapy will be a great aid in altering the self-sabotaging belief systems held in the subconscious mind.

Frequently Asked Crystal Healing Questions
1. What is Crystal Healing and what happens during a session?

Crystal Healing is a non-invasive holistic form of vibrational healing that assists with balancing the energy centres in our body and correcting leaks in the auric field around us. By placing specific crystals on and around the body, they shift any unbalanced energy into a positive vibration. During your Energy Healing session, I facilitate this by placing a crystal grid around you as well as on specific areas of your body whilst you lie on a healing bed.
Each client is treated individually depending on what chakras are blocked as well as any impurities that might be in the auric field. This assists in balancing dis-ease leaving you to feel completely relaxed with renewed energy.

2. How will Energy Healing help me?

Crystal Healing does not only clear imbalances and blocks that potentially cause dis-ease, it also prevents
energetic blocks from manifesting into physical and mental ailments. Some of the benefits include:
• relief of stress & anxiety
• improving mental clarity and concentration
• relief in depression
• healing of the chakras
• alleviation of headaches
• improvement in sleep issues

3. How does distance healing work?

Energy is not dependant on being physically in the same room; therefore, I have developed methods to connect with a person/animal/space via distance. As long as a person gives permission, I will be able to send and direct the necessary energy to you anywhere in the world.

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