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Crystal healing therapy specifically is a form of energy healing modality that assists with balancing the energy centres in our body and correcting leaks in the energy field around us. By placing the crystals on and around the body, they shift any unbalanced energy into a positive vibration.

What can Crystal Energy Healing assist with?

– alleviating stress & anxiety
– improving mental clarity and concentration
– depression
– healing of the chakras
– headaches
– sleep issues

We Are Energy Beings!

It vibrates in and around us. However, the dis-ease we often experience is energy that has gone wrong;
this is when we feel emotionally uncomfortable, drained and/ or have physical pain.

Energy therapy helps to treat symptoms and disease that manifest physically, mentally and emotionally.


Personalised Elixirs made from various herbs, barks, or flowers, essential oils and charged crystals are created to specifically aid in alleviating symptoms of ailments or clearing energy.

Space Clearing

Cleaning your space energetically can be as important to your well-being as cleaning it physically. Cleansing regularly can help improve the energetic flow in your space and help introduce more positive energy into your home. It can also remove negative energy and spirits.

Healing is an energetic way to assist shifts. 

Question is: What shifts?

Answer: The shifts to change your life.

It’s to create the reality and experience that you want. To do this, we start at shifting at soul level. This is done by peeling away the layers with the help of various tools, enabling us to look at incidents from different perspectives.


Want to know more? Read our Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Crystal Energy Healing in Cape Town

Book your session

Healing  •   Coaching    •   Hypnotherapy

Take the first step to healing your body, mind and spirit. Energy Healing in Durbanville as well as Constantia in Cape Town.

50 Min session @ R950
Combination Session @ R1800

(50min of 2x Energy Healing or 2x Coaching or 1x Healing & 1x Coaching session)

Depending on what is needed, each session is used to assist you in the best way possible by using either one or a combination of therapeutic tools
i.e. crystal healing, solution-focused life coaching, hypnotherapy.

How can I help?

** Please note :

  • All bookings will be done and confirmed via email –
  • Sessions will be booked/confirmed only when proof of full payment has been received. Payment must reflect at least 48 hours before the session.
  • Sessions that have not been cancelled or moved 48hours before the time will be charged in full.

– Crystal Energy Healer, Psychologist Life Coach and Hypnotherapist in Cape Town, Western Cape. Contact me for Chakra balancing, Solution Focused Life Coaching and Clinical Hypnosis.

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