From a very young age, most of us have been conditioned to seek success in everything we do and, as we grow older, our view of what success and happiness look like becomes warped and shaped according to societal norms. In our quest to achieve our goals and become successful, we forget what true happiness looks like. Playing carefree under a tree, using leaves as brooms and sticks for spoons. No one to judge or tell us that we are doing it wrong. Just complete fulfilment and peace, flowing in our natural state. It differs for everyone, but for me – that was the moment, the memory that reminded me of what being happy and at peace looks like.

In my last blog of the year, I would like to remind everyone that success without meaning is empty. The happiness you seek lies not in the achievement of goals. It’s not about how much you can do in a day. Do less, make what you do count. Create the space and the time in your life for the things that truly matter and make an impact. Do more of that which makes you happy.

Whether you carry a position of great authority and responsibility or not – your impact on the world and the people around you are the same because we are all connected. I would like to say that again: EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED.

Your actions, your words and your energy have an influence on everyone and everything. Instead of chasing success, start living a life of significance. Become the light that helps others be what they are meant to be. Live your purpose by respecting and rejoicing over every blessed moment you have on this earth. This will bring you the happiness, fulfilment, and abundance you seek.

I hope that you have enjoyed this blog and look forward to sharing my thoughts with you again in
2023. May you enjoy a wonderful festive season!

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