There are so many things going on in our lives every day that it often becomes difficult to keep the focus on that which is really important. I call it noise. Some examples of noise can include that person that cut you off in traffic, the constantly disrespectful co-worker, the way your hair looks today, family politics, the series that you are watching or the game that you play on your phone to pass the time.


Over time I have devised some simple exercises to maintain clarity:


Meditate every day

Meditation helps me to connect with myself and to stay grounded and focused on my goals in life. While in meditation I disconnect from everything around me including my physical self. This view allows me to see what is important and deserves my attention and energy, and what is not.


Take a moment to reflect

When something happens that I didn’t expect, or that doesn’t fit into what I had planned, it is easy to get tangled up in big emotions. The ripple effect can upset the rest of my day and creep into other facets of my life. In these situations, I try to take a moment where I distance myself from the event and ask: ‘Is this important?’. Simply by doing this I refocus my energy and gain clarity on a situation.


Re-evaluate time

I used to feel that I just don’t have enough time frequently until I had a look at how I was spending my day. I realised that I was wasting precious moments on things that just don’t matter, are not uplifting and don’t align with my goals. With a few simple adjustments, I feel less irritated and drained, and I have more time to spend on the things that serve my purpose and with those that I love.


Keep priorities at the forefront

By giving myself reminders of my goals – with family, business, fitness and health – I can quickly distinguish between something which is in alignment with that, or not. This helps me to ‘de-clutter’ my life from distractions and things that don’t serve me.


I hope that you have enjoyed this blog and look forward to the next one: Forget success – live a life of significance.

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