Gratitude is such a powerful feeling! We have so many blessings we take for granted each day while we focus on the ‘Have Nots’ in our lives.  By practising gratitude and placing the focus upon that which is working in your life (even the things that didn’t work out as you had hoped or expected), you remove the resistance against more of that which is good and you acknowledge that every experience is there to help us learn and grow. Giving thanks has a profound impact on your quality of life and well-being.

Here are some scientifically backed reasons why gratitude is good for you:

–         You are happier

–         You sleep better

–         Your health and well-being improve

–         Your relationships are better

–         You are more resilient


There are many ways in which you can practice gratitude. My favourite is to start a gratitude journal. This is where I list the things I am grateful for each day as well as the experiences that frustrate me or make me angry. Once I have done that, I will have a look at the list again and try to frame any negatives more positively. You can meditate each morning before you start your day or count your blessings as you fall asleep. I have found that when I drift off to sleep in this positive manner, I wake up in the same way. Another way of experiencing gratitude is by Being in your space: your home, your family and friends, your garden, the beach, wherever. You will notice how close and clear everything and everyone is as opposed to being somewhat removed.


Finally, I would like to share a poem I was given many years ago:


Dear God,

Please untie the Nots that are invading my mind, my heart, and my life.  Please remove the have Nots, the can Nots, and the do Nots that invade my mind.  Please erase the will Nots, the may Nots, and the might Nots, that invade my heart.

Please release me from the could Nots, the would Nots, and the should Nots that invade my life.

Most of all, dear God, I ask that you remove, from my mind, my heart, and my life all of the am Nots that I have allowed to hold me back.  Please erase from my mind the thought that I am Not good enough.

Please remove from my heart that I am Not loved enough.  Please untie from my life everything that I clutch that supports the belief that I am Not enough.  Today, dear God, I come to you humbly and reverently asking that you untie, eliminate and erase all of the Nots that have invaded every aspect of my life.  For this, I am so grateful.  Let these words take on the presence of the Holy Spirit to become living conditions in my life.



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