You’ve probably heard quite a lot about a ‘higher state of consciousness or ‘expanded awareness’. While these terms may sound baffling and intimidating, it is actually quite simple – and very easy to achieve once you get the hang of it. The critical principle is this: “You cannot change what you are not aware of”. Let that sink in for a moment….

If you think about it, much of your everyday life is running on autopilot. You have the same thoughts, worries, reactions, habits and conversations over and over. Now, to be aware is to be mindful. It keeps you in the present moment and alert to new experiences and possibilities. Your actions are no longer driven by fears or beliefs.


How do you remind yourself to be mindful? The Chopra Foundation™ has a 1-minute lesson to keep you in the present moment and that you can start incorporating immediately:

  • Notice: Notice your feelings – especially the ones that make you feel uneasy. Don’t dismiss the feeling, it is there for a reason.


  • Pause: Whatever reaction you are about to give in a moment where you are feeling anxious, distracted, stressed, angry or just out of tune – stop and back away from it.


  • Put your attention in the middle of your chest in the region of the heart, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths until you return to the situation with a clear mind.

These are simple steps but incredibly powerful because just noticing and not reacting on impulse gives you the key to change. Noticing invites you to rethink, reframe and go deeper than your normal reaction. It doesn’t matter if it takes you a minute or two to react – by taking a step back you can change the course and outcome of a situation completely.

Now you can focus your attention to notice new opportunities – actively looking for them. Shifting your inner agenda to notice that which creates a personal evolution for you, will now enable you to create the change you want in your life instead of life just happening to you.


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