The Healing Enterprise is a wonderful blend of different approaches to achieving well-being. It stretches from the very structured and planned to the spiritual and mystical, combining all the knowledge and tools into something of a unicorn 🙂

In a nutshell? I use a unique blend of methodologies to get you where you want to go faster. Over the past three decades, I have fine-tuned and honed my skills to answer the need for a more
wholesome approach. I don’t just help my clients to see the possibilities and create a shift in their life, I also help them to heal on a deeply spiritual level.

Our life is like an onion. Each year, each experience adds another layer. Social conventions and limiting beliefs add more layers. Eventually, you are so far removed from the unique soul you are that you can’t even see the potential and possibilities right in front of you. My practice helps you remove the layers, heal from them, and get to the core of who you are. Once we have achieved that I will empower you by giving you the tools to utilize the resources you have to create the life
you want.

My methodologies:

Counselling – Understanding the thinking process
Trauma Counselling – Overcoming trauma
PSYCH-K® – Shifting limiting beliefs by working with the subconscious mind and the superconscious
Hypnotherapy – Access the subconscious to uncover deep-seated events & beliefs
Crystal Healing – Clearing and healing of blocked energies
Space Clearing – Getting rid of negative energies/entities and replacing them with positive energy
Personal Elixirs – Alleviating physical ailments caused by energetic stress
Tours & Retreats – Taking a break just for fun or to spend dedicated time on healing

My name is Bärbel, and I would love to help you on this journey. If you are interested in exploring
the many benefits sessions The Healing Enterprise hold for you, contact me to book your session at
+27 83 375 9945 or email me at

The Healing Enterprise
Crystal Healing | Empowerment Coaching | PSYCH-K® | Hypnotherapy | Tours & Retreats
It’s a journey all about you.

– Crystal Energy Healer, Psychologist Life Coach and Hypnotherapist in Cape Town, Western Cape. Contact me for Chakra balancing, Solution Focused Life Coaching and Clinical Hypnosis.

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