To put it plainly – it is your AHA moment. You start to see how limited our ways and lives are. You literally WAKE UP to see and experience life through a much bigger and wider lens, with a new sense of being. I often see clients on a path to spiritual awakening and how confused they become. For this reason, I’ve been inspired to dedicate some time to share more information on the topic.


Spiritual Awakenings can be spontaneous, but for most people, they are triggered by major life changes or traumas such as life-threatening illnesses, car accidents, divorces, pandemics, midlife crises, or even a near-death experience.


While it is an amazing journey to be on, it is often difficult and uncomfortable at the beginning.


Here are 10 signs that you are experiencing a spiritual awakening

1. You feel disconnected or detached.

In the beginning, you may experience great confusion or feel overwhelmed. Everything you felt was true about your life may now seem like a lie and you start to feel disconnected and detached from the things and people you used to enjoy.


2. Your beliefs start to change

An awakening will likely cause you to start questioning and revising old and negative beliefs about yourself and others, or adopt new ones. Your priorities may shift in a completely new direction.

3. Vivid dreams

As your reality becomes more vivid, so do your dreams. Sometimes it can be quite upsetting while other times very inspirational. Some dreams may carry messages for you, so consider starting a dream journal.


4. Your relationships begin to shift

Spiritual awakenings are transformative and the people in your life won’t always understand or resonate with the change in you or your behaviour. You may feel that they no longer understand you.


5. You’re more intuitive

As you become more in tune with yourself, your intuition will seem to heighten.


6. Your outlook on the world changes

As your sense of self, the connectedness with everything, your empathy and compassion increases, so your whole outlook on the world and everyone in it starts to change.


7. You feel an aversion to negative people or behaviours

You find yourself less interested in gossip, pettiness judgement of others.


8. Sudden waves of emotion

As you become more aware, so your ideas of reality change. This can cause quite an emotional rollercoaster – from waves of incredible love, gratitude and compassion to fits of anger and depression. Just hang in there, this too shall pass!


9. You are drawn to nature

A feeling to escape from your daily life and just spend time in nature, feeling quiet and calm while walking on the beach or through a forest may sometimes become overwhelming.


10. You start noticing patterns

You are picking up on patterns that show you where you are living on autopilot. You start to question your actions and behaviours by shining a light on things that are harming your body, mind and soul.


The bottom line – this is an amazing journey to be on. Be kind to yourself and just trust the unfolding.


Next, we will be looking at the different stages of a spiritual awakening.

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