PSYCH-K® is a simple, yet powerful process to change subconscious beliefs that cause blocks and self-sabotage. The program uses a unique blend of various tools, some contemporary and some ancient, derived from neuroscience research, as well as ancient mind/body wisdom. PSYCH-K® has a proven record of success for over 30 years and transcends the standard methods of visualization, affirmations, willpower and positive thinking. It is especially effective in behavioural or habit change and stress reduction. The application of the PSYCH-K® principles, philosophy and methodology can be used to achieve a wide variety of goals, depending on your desires and/or skillset.


How does it work?

95% of our thoughts and actions are controlled by the subconscious mind. This is where our beliefs and values are stored. When having trouble letting go of bad habits or achieving goals, a closer examination of subconscious beliefs can help in shifting the block.

Tests have shown that using the PSYCH-K® method can show results in as little as 10 minutes. The reason for such quick results is that changes are facilitated in the Whole Brain State, where the subconscious mind is accessed directly. The Whole-Brain State is created by doing techniques called PSYCH-K® balances where the left and right hemispheres of the brain are synchronized with each other. This creates the ideal circumstances in which the subconscious can absorb new and empowering beliefs to replace those that cause blocks or self-sabotage.

The changes are measured using kinesiology muscle tests. The results are permanent and often felt immediately.


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