Ever felt a ‘heavy vibe’ when you move into a room? Or when you enter a hotel room and something just ‘feels off’? Just like our physical bodies, spaces build up an energy of its own. Space clearing is a way to clear out negative energy (and entities) and fill it with positive energy and light. This can, and should, become a regular practice to keep your home or office a space that inspires and energizes you.

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What causes negative energy in a home or office?
There are many ways in which a space builds up energy over time. We ourselves pick up energy from other people and spaces as we move throughout the day.
• People entering the home leave a residue of their energy even after they have left
• Death
• Trauma
• Arguments
• Stress and anxiety
• Sometimes an entity can become trapped in the space causing mostly emotional upheaval for the people within the space

Who can benefit from space clearing?
• Estate agents who want to increase their sales
• People who are moving into a new home
• Businesses that want to increase productivity
• Families that feel their home needs an energy shift
• Those who feel there is a negative presence in their home or office

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