Often, we find it difficult to let go of the hurt, anger and resentment caused by the actions of another person. While it may not always be possible to get them to own up to what they did, you may find some solace in the understanding that forgiveness has got nothing to do with the other person. It is about releasing your emotional burdens and becoming responsible for your choices and actions.

When we hold on to anger the effects can be emotionally crippling. It can cause you to:

  • Bring bitterness into every relationship and experience
  • Not enjoy the present
  • Become depressed and anxious
  • Become disconnected from others


Letting go of anger is really the best gift you can give yourself. Here are 5 reasons why it is good to forgive:

  1. It releases you from being a ‘Victim’

When you are no longer controlled by the negativity of an experience or person you can focus on healing and moving forward with positive energy. A negative experience defines what we want or what is acceptable, and what we don’t want and is not acceptable, more clearly.

  1. You forgive yourself

Holding on to hurt and anger over an experience is not only about what someone else did to you, but also what you allowed to happen. When you forgive yourself, you allow yourself to heal.

  1. Forgiveness frees you

When you forgive, you take your power back. With your energy and attention no longer focused on negativity you will have more energy and clarity to refocus on what you do want in life.

  1. It improves your health

Anger, anxiety, depression, and stress have a negative impact on your body, mind and soul. Symptoms of unreleased emotions can include elevated blood pressure, heart rate, fatigue and the feeling that you are not in control. When you forgive, you will instantly feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders.

  1. It helps you to move forward on your spiritual path

Forgiveness encourages kindness and compassion, not only for the other person, but toward yourself as well. It is the path to inner peace.


I hope that you have enjoyed this blog and look forward to the next one: Let your emotions guide you.


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