One of the biggest misconceptions on this earth is that showing your true feelings means that you are weak and that keeping your emotions in check is a sign of strength. When you dismiss or bottle your feelings up, you create an imbalance in your body, mind and soul. This is when you start reaching for external gratification to feel better. It is also why no matter which program you follow, you can’t change your behaviour.


By standing in your vulnerability, you acknowledge your limitations and by working through them, you find your true inner strength and the path that was meant for you. You will find that those that don’t support you during these times, are not the people you are meant to have in your life and that the longer you hold on to these relationships, the longer you block the souls that are here to appreciate, elevate and support you in your true purpose. 


By standing in your vulnerability, you understand that there is a higher power and purpose and that -if you will just become quiet and listen for a minute – you will find the answers you are seeking. Your emotions are a guiding system and the longer you ignore them, the further you are moving away from your purpose and the things that will bring you unbridled joy. Once you start working through all the layers of emotions and defence mechanisms that have built up throughout your life, you can understand why you struggle with anxiety, depression, low-self esteem and self-sabotaging habits.


Once you start embracing every part of your being and the fear that you will be rejected when you are honest about your feelings, you can start living a joyous and authentic life.

I hope that you have enjoyed this blog and look forward to the next one: What it means to ‘Speak your truth’.


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