I have found that many people feel that they are responsible human beings. They have a steady job, they pay their bills, they try to be good parents, they help or donate to charities when they can… and so on. The problem is that many people don’t realize that responsibility goes much, much deeper than that! I was well into adulthood before the penny dropped. Being responsible goes beyond the materialistic and superficial. Becoming truly responsible includes becoming accountable for every choice you’ve made – including the moments when you chose in-action because that is also a choice.

Where you find yourself at this moment is a direct reflection or culmination of the choices you have made throughout your life. Good and bad. Recognizing this may cause some discomfort as you remove blame from your life and take ownership of your part in all the experiences of your life.

Understanding that your conscious, as well as subconscious decisions or actions and the consequences thereof, are your responsibility alone, is the key to unlocking incredible power and freedom in your life. It will move you to become a conscious creator instead of taking life as it comes.

Here are some reasons why taking ownership of your choices will be a game-changer:

1. You will never be a victim
By taking ownership of your life and the decisions you make, you take back your control. When we don’t take responsibility it can often feel as if we are in a cycle of victimization, as if everything has been predetermined by other people. When you remove blame and you understand that you always have choices, you harness your inner strength and confidence.

2. You have emotional freedom
By realising that you and you alone are responsible for your behaviour, you understand that so is everyone else. If you have a reaction to something someone did or said, the emotions are yours and you can’t hold them accountable for it. You can’t control what someone else says or does: you are responsible for your response. No one can make you feel a certain emotion without your permission. If you take it a level deeper, you will understand that other people reflect and mirror what we hold within our own hearts. Therefore, if you get triggered, ask yourself why – what is the lesson here? There is no duality, only oneness. In this way, you know that by taking responsibility for your own reaction, you know where to work on, embrace the change, forgive, love and accept yourself. And guess what: by implication that is exactly what you are doing with the other person who prompted your response in the first place. End result: When they project their personal issues onto you, it doesn’t affect you as much because what they say doesn’t resonate with you.

3. Your awareness gives you creative choice
You will no longer be limited by old beliefs and conditioning that limit your choices. Because you have developed an awareness of choice instead of automatic response, you are able to see the options that will serve you best.

4. Accountability keeps you on the right path
Knowing that you are accountable for your choices places the steering wheel of life in your hands. You will now have the ability to make choices that are appropriate for the life that you have envisioned.

I hope that you have enjoyed this blog and look forward to the next one: Decision vs. Choice – What is the difference?

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