When you’ve received the calling and realise you can no longer continue living your life on auto-pilot the question becomes ‘where to start?’. There is so much information out there on living a more conscious and spiritual life that it can be overwhelming to separate fact from fiction. Here are some great tips and my favourite resources to help you on your way:


1. Books & Authors

There are some great books to help you gain a better understanding of spirituality, the path that you are on and understanding and healing from the journey that got you here. Here are
some books to get you started, but don’t stop there! Most of these authors have wonderful websites with regular blogs, webinars, video series etc. that you will benefit from.

Diana Cooper – A little light on the spiritual laws
Louise Hay – The power within you
Caroline Myss – Sacred Contracts
Michael Newton PhD. – Journey of souls
Eckhart Tolle – The power of now (the book that Oprah raved about!)
Rhonda Byrne – The Secret
Esther & Jerry Hicks (Abraham Hicks) – The Vortex: Where the Law of Attraction assembles all cooperative relationships


2. Gaia

Gaia is like Netflix, but with spiritual content. Anything from our ancient origins right through to holistic healing, diets and meditation. There are series and short documentaries by leading authors and well-known leaders in their respective fields.


3. Meditation

I use only selected music as some can bring your vibration down and was put on YouTube with that intent. I follow Abraham Hicks and when I initially started their General Wellbeing
guided meditation was a great help to me. Here are some other channels with great meditation music:

Meditation and healing
Jason Stephenson – Chakra Healing Music


4. Find your Spiritual Teacher

The fastest way to shift old beliefs, heal from past experiences (and lives), and grow on your new path is by finding a spiritual guide – much like a psychologist – that can help you on this
path and help you to navigate through the difficult times. There are many spiritual healers out there and the chances are that the person meant to help you will cross paths with you in
some or other way.

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