We have been equipped with the most wonderful tool to help us navigate through life, guiding us each step of the way. The problem is, we don’t always listen – or understand, what our emotions are trying to tell us. By saying that you should let your emotions guide you, I am by no means suggesting that you let go of all rationality and react to every emotion. No, but taking note of an emotion and understanding why it is there instead of suppressing it, will certainly always guide you to great personal growth and your authentic self.


Probably the most important reason why you should learn to understand your emotions is that they guide your decisions every minute of every day. Your emotions can be split into primary and secondary emotions. Primary emotions are your first emotional reaction but often, you only become consciously aware of the secondary, more reactive emotion: anger, anxiety, frustration etc. The secondary emotion masks the deeper primary emotion that gives you an indication of your core needs. For example, Your partner promised to do something but let you down. You may feel anger or frustration which is masking feelings of hurt and disappointment. Now, instead of lashing out, you can clearly communicate that your need for support and acknowledgement was not met. When you allow yourself to get in touch with your feelings, you can express them more accurately. This will completely change the dynamic of an explosive situation because you choose to stand in your vulnerability, letting the other person in instead of pushing them away.


Here is a quick guide to help you unravel the meaning behind the emotions that you feel:

  1. Take a moment to identify what you are really feeling before you react.
  2. Acknowledge and appreciate your emotions, never suppress them.
  3. Explore the different messages your emotions hold.
  4. Keep an emotion diary. Your life repeats patterns until you learn the lesson and move past it.
  5. Release resistance. You can’t control everything in life, you can only choose how to react. Every situation is there to teach you something, seize the opportunity to learn!


I hope that you have enjoyed this blog and look forward to the next one.


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