Making the decision to start co-creating your future instead of just living on autopilot is just the first step in your personal development journey. Once you’ve set your goals and broken them up into smaller, achievable tasks it’s essential to check in on your progress regularly to ascertain whether you are still on track.

Here are 7 questions that will help you navigate the path:


1. Am I showing up as my authentic self in every situation?

By not being true to yourself, not loving and respecting yourself, you will always feel unfulfilled. The feeling you envision when you have achieved your goals can be yours every day by staying true to yourself and living as if the success you desire has already manifested. By becoming the full embodiment of that which you would like to achieve, there is no way that you will ever be unsuccessful.


2. Am I creating the space in my life to achieve my goals?

By not setting healthy boundaries, we are self-sabotaging our ambitions. You can’t do everything for everyone else and still have the clarity, focus and energy to look after your own goals. Take the time to create the space you need to fulfil your goals. Make sure that you have a support system in place to encourage and help you on this path. Understand and embrace that it is ok to say ‘NO’.


3. Are my daily actions in line with my long-term goals?

Personal growth is not an abstract concept, but an accumulation of minor, goal-furthering deeds. So, if you would like to become healthier – did you do some exercise? Made healthier meal choices? Did you drink enough water today? These small steps build the foundation for what you ultimately would like to achieve. If you find that you’ve been side-tracked, you can correct the actions to be in line with what you set out to do.


4. Do the people in my life encourage and support my goals?

Is your social circle inspiring growth or an anchor dragging you down? As you move down the road of personal growth, you will start to understand the importance of mentorship, support and criticism. Being surrounded by people that also prioritise growth will aid in achieving all that you set out to become. Cutting out toxic and fruitless relationships may be hard, but necessary action.


5. Am I seeing and creating new opportunities?

Success is not born in a vacuum. In order to grow, you will need to take on new opportunities regularly. If you would like to expand your business services, you need to research and learn new skills. If you would like to become a better cook, you need to research and learn the finer culinary skills that will take your food from good to great.


6. Am I taking care of my mental and physical health?

You’ve heard the saying “You can’t pour from an empty cup”. When your mental and physical well-being is not a priority, your energy to fulfil your goals becomes less and less. While physical health can be achieved through regular exercise and a healthy diet, mental well-being differs for each person. I personally enjoy meditation and daily acts of mindfulness to clear my head and reconnect with my core. Do whatever helps you to lift your energy, clear your mind of negativity and gain a sense of fulfilment, joy and gratitude.


7. What am I afraid of and why?

Discovering and uncovering your fears can lead to unchartered success in your life. The only person holding you back is YOU. Not the economy, not politics, and certainly not a lack of opportunities. Ask yourself – if I did not have this fear, what would I do today? Find the courage within yourself to do exactly that, and become fearless.


I hope that you enjoyed this blog and look forward to sharing my next one.


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